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q.beyond AG

Platform for e-mobility

A sharing community


Despite the increasing number of electric cars, the supply of necessary charging stations remains relatively low. In addition, every provider of public charging stations uses dedicated user management and payment models. The driver thus faces an unnecessary hurdle in order to be able to charge his electric car.

What is currently missing is a fully thought-out solution that guides the driver to a suitable charging station simply, anywhere and at any time - and lets him continue driving in an environmentally friendly manner after a short time.


In close cooperation, tresmo supports q.beyond AG in the development of the YouCharge.Me platform according to the lean startup principle. This platform brings together providers of charging stations and searchers. The platform focuses on private providers as well as on businesses and thus maximizes the range of charging infrastructure.

tresmo supports the development team of YouCharge.Me with a holistic team of experts: front-end and back-end development, UI/UX as well as through Scrum Master and Product Owner, a productive and interdisciplinary collaboration is created in which the product is developed together in an agile way. Together, added value is created for the user in short cycles and made quickly accessible.

Through continuous surveys of the users of YouCharge.Me, the needs and problems of the users are determined. 

The insights gained are used as a basis for the formulation of theses. These are validated by deriving and implementing new requirements. The result is made available to the user promptly so that it can be tested whether the desired improvement has been achieved. In this way, the problems of users and the market are solved in a focused manner.


YouCharge.Me is a platform that makes it easy to find suitable charging stations, even on long car journeys. The user does not have to worry about which provider he is currently charging from, as everything runs conveniently via a dedicated platform. Billing is done via the usual payment methods established with consumers. For providers, the registration of their own charging station is kept very simple so that interested users can make charging requests.

Appropriate incentive structures thus create a user base that not only promotes YouCharge.Me, but also electromobility and the turnaround in energy policy.

Background Information

q.beyond AG was founded in 1997 under the name QSC AG and, as a pioneer in the Internet industry, helps mid-size companies from commerce, industry and the energy sector to exploit the full potential of digitization - especially in the cloud, SAP and IoT sectors.