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Remote heating maintenance

Networking of mobile heating systems

Background Information

If the heating system in an industrial or hospitality facility breaks down, the job has to be done very quickly. Rental companies of mobile central heating systems provide a prompt remedy and often bridge the many months until a new stationary heating system is put into operation. But rental heating systems have had a serious shortcoming up to now: system failures and maintenance requirements could previously only be detected on the devices themselves - by which time the buildings had often already cooled down and the customers were dissatisfied.


Qio, a visionary provider of mobile central heating systems, has joined forces with tresmo to bring the Internet of Things to this industry: The online platform Qio Live offers Qio customers full transparency over the operating data of their central heating systems via smartphone or PC. Any anomalies in system operation are promptly transmitted and explained by means of a message/warning via SMS or email. In case of malfunctions, possible sources of error are identified and possible solutions are explained.


QioLive is precisely aligned with customer requirements and establishes a new level of safety and transparency in the operation of mobile heating centers.